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Few, if any, of those who voted for Trump thought he was a choir boy.  It was acknowledged by almost all that he was a philanderer, a loudmouth, and a vulgarian.  It did not matter.  He was what the country needed, and no amount of trash-throwing could erase that fact.  It remains the same today.  Let the Left twist themselves into pretzels trying to discredit, impeach and indict.  His supporters remain firm.  Who are these staunch supporters?  They are the people who make the country work – the laborers, the contractors, the salesmen, the engineers, the accountants, the clerks, the small business owners, and the shop keepers (and recall what Napoleon allegedly said about them.)  All of these people work hard and pay taxes to fund every ill-conceived scheme the irrational can come up with.  How much longer will they continue to do so?  It’s almost midnight.  Do you know where your pitchfork is?


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